• Beneficiaries

    ibib Nałęcz Institute of Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering Polish Academy of Sciences (IBBE PAS) 

    Director – Prof. Adam Liebert, PhD, DSc

    IBBE PAS is the largest, the leading scientific institution in the field of biomedical engineering, with the longest tradition and established in the medical community. Subject of work in the field of scientific discipline biocybernetics and biomedical engineering, corresponds to the most recent guidelines in research and maintains interdisciplinary character. The scope of research of the IBBE PAS focuses on two major directions: (a) biomeasurements and computer aided data processing and analysis for the purposes of medical diagnostics and (b) enforcing and replacing of lost organism functions using technical and hybrid (technical-biological) means and taking mathematical and physical modeling of certain organs and physiological systems and their computer simulations into consideration. Third research area is mathematical and physical modelling of selected organs and physiological systems.

    wiml Military Institute Of Aviation Medicine (WIML)

    Director – Col. dr Olaf Truszczyński

    WIML is the only facility carrying research in occupational medicine  in relation to occupations with a high degree of responsibility and demanding special aptitudes psycho-physical, mostly aviation medicine, but also to other professions. During 85 years of work, the Institute has established position both in aviation medicine and health care to military families, and recently also providing medical services for the health care system. WIML was always a leading facility, including a new directions of research, unique and cutting edge research due to the specificity of the aviation medicine.