• Presentation of the project

    Project POIG 2.2 POIG 02.02.00-14-011/09

    Centre for integrated  structural and functional studies of the central nervous system

    Creative Neuroscience Lab – CNS Lab

    The project is being implemented by a consortium of two scientific institutes:
    Nalecz of Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering, Polish Academy Of Sciences (IBIB) i Military Institute Of Aviation Medicine (WIML) having a long tradition of cooperation in the implementation of projects in the field of medicine and biomedical engineering.

    CNS LabCentre for integrated  structural and functional studies of the central nervous system,built as a result of the implementation of the project, will be a modern medical facility, conducting specialized studies of the structure and activities of the central nervous system. The premise of the project is to create a scientific institution, as well as an open service facility that performs complex diagnostic tests using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), metabolic imaging and neurophysiological studies with the use of various forms of stimulation.

    CNS Lab is a project with a high degree of innovation, aimed at introducing both for aviation and civil medicine innovative diagnostic methods of the central nervous system, which are currently in use in the leading centers in the world. In aviation medicine, it will provide the ability to detect irregularities that cannot be disclosed to the currently used methods.

  • Presentation of the Project cont.

    This will help to improve the efficiency of the decision-making processes, and thus the qualifications of personnel, which is essential in order to increase the safety of flights. The most modern methods, concentrated and integrated in CNSLab will help detect structural or functional changes underlying neurological disease, as well as problems of contemporary neuropsychology and psychiatry.

    The name of theCreative NeuroScience Lab (CNS Lab)underlines the adopted direction of creating new concepts and research methods. Novelty and uniqueness of the tests that will be carried out is the simultaneity and synchronization of the functional imaging of the brain structure and registration of brain bioelectrical activity, allowing for comprehensive evaluation of the reactivity to stimuli. The study of these features allows the assessment of suitability for the performance of special profession in conditions requiring high psychophysical efficiency, as well as the detection of some dysfunction at a very early stage of the disease.

    CNS Lab will be located at the Military Institute Of Aviation Medicine (WIML), from the side of the Elblaska Stree, where it will be built in the place where the building No 11 (vivarium) existed since 1965.CNS Lab building will be 3-storey with an area of 1500 m2. The design of the building will combine modern architectural solutions and functional research laboratories along with scientific facilities. CNS LAB will be equipped with apparatus to study the structure and activities of the brain, which will create the chance to CNS Lab became a leading scientific institution in the field.
    CNS Lab structure assumes the creation of 13 new jobs, including 6 research posts and 7 technical support. Persons employed in these positions will benefit from specific training in the use and operation of equipment purchased, as well as in the field of operation and management of large research infrastructure. Also the certified quality management system will be implemented, which will make it possible to extend the scope of activities and international cooperation.

  • CNS Lab – Centre for integrated studies of the structural and functional central nervous system has been funded from the Operational Programme Innovative Economy.

    Agreement with The National Center for Research and Development:  POIG 02.02.00-14-011/09.
    The total value of the project is 23 229 600 PLN, including European Union contribution 19 745 160 PLN.
    The project will run from 03.07.2013 – 31.12.2014.
    Location: ul. Krasińskiego 54-56, Warsaw (building located on the side of Elblaska Street)

    lokalizacja budynku

    Location of the building CNS Lab