• Description of a concept of the building: “Centre for integrated structural and functional studies of the central nervous system – CNS Lab”

    “Centre for integrated structural and functional studies of the central nervous system – CNS Lab” will be located on the area of Military Institute Of Aviation Medicine (WIML) in Warsaw at Krasinskiego Street 54-56. The Centre will be situated on the side of Elblaska Street Ośrodek with comfortable entrance and access from the street. Next to building, a parking lot of 37 parking spaces and three additional parking spaces are provided at the entrance to the building. 4 parking spaces will be designed for people with disabilities. Low and high green complex has been designed around the building.

    “Centre for integrated structural and functional studies of the central nervous system – CNS Lab”will be located in the place where the building No 11 (vivarium) existed since 1965. CNS Lab building will be 3-storey with an area of 1500 m2. It has been designed on the set of a rectangle with the dimensions of 32, 10 m/16, 40. On the south side of the building there is an additional storey building for technical rooms measuring 11, 53 m/3, 00 m with a terrace on a roof, accessible from the 1st floor of the main building.

    On the ground floor, main entrance leads to a spacious entrance hall with waiting room. The ground floor is designed for diagnostic MRI and EEG rooms and medical offices. Diagnostic tests and ancillary lab area features 3 rooms for the acceptance of patients by doctors, EEG and treatment room. There will be 15 research rooms located on the first floor of the building, seminar room and the necessary social and sanitary facilities.

  • Description of a concept of the building

    The second floor of CNS Lab building will perform meeting and training functions. There will be large training room, smaller seminar room, spacious hall and social facilities for training participants.

    The basement of the building will be equipped with technical facilities and changing rooms for personnel. Vertical communications in the building is based on two staircases and two passenger lifts. Communication and sanitary facilities are adapted to the needs of people with disabilities.

    Main entrance to the building from the Elblaska Street will be covered by steel and glass structure elevated to the wall of the building. A second entrance from the parking lot will also be covered by the panel based on the wall, composing in this way with the architecture of technical spaces on the opposite end of the building.

    The façade of the building will be maintained in the minimalist design combining beige and brown with a touch of glass and steel. On the front and the rear wall of the building will be placed name and logo: CNS LAB.

    Visualizations of the building are available in the Galeria